Our brand Indef is synonymous with customer requirements for LIFTING, MOVING and STORING. Our ICRANE range of overhead material handling solutions have been specially engineered to provideoptimized material handling solutions. Big and small - our customer base spans almost all industrial sectors: name a sector and we can name a customer. With integrated design and manufacturing,our facilities at Khopoli and Pune are equipped with contemporary manufacturing, assembly and testing facilities and has its quality systems certified to ISO 9001:2008 standards. Using state-of-the-art design methodologies, our team of engineers design robust products and solutions to support the most demanding material handling requirements.

The Indef iCrane from Hercules Hoists is a complete crane system programme for industrial environments.

Why iCrane:

The Indef iCrane range features cranes built intelligently with internationally comparable technology.#

•   Compact and optimised construction, modular design
•  Complete range: 1Ton - 70 Tons SWL
•  HHL’s proven expertise in hoisting solutions for critical applications.
•  Assurance of safety: Latest technology safety features incorporated
•  Intelligently Innovative International Design:
•  Optimised design for lower dead weight resulting in structural and operating cost savings
    ä Low headroom and lesser hook approach for maximum advantage
    ä Dual speed motor/VFD for hoisting / cross / long travel
    ä Powered by German technology:
        - Hoist gearbox and motor, travel drive gearbox and motor and modular wheel block system, designed and built in Germany
        - Hoisting & travel gearbox drives: hardened and ground gear drive systems for smoother operations and extended life
        - Wheel block system: compact and modular, designed for low maintenance with lifetime bearing lubrication
        - CT / LT drive motors: fitted with fly wheel for smooth starting and stoping
    ä Wheel rail combination is designed for long life
    ä Integrated with i:CON - Intelligent Constrol System
    ä Geared Cam Limit Switches (with encoder for VFD hoists) for hoisting & cross bar limit switch for CT & LT
    ä Cable-less power supply with Indef conductor system
•  Designed for quick maintenance and higher up time.

Our Product Programme:

•  Single Girder Cranes
        •  H Beam Girder Cranes
        •  Box Girder Cranes
        •  Underslung Cranes
•  Double Girder Cranes
•  Gantry Cranes
        •  Full Gantry Cranes (Double / Single)
        •  Semi Gantry Cranes (Double / Single)
•  Jib Cranes

Redefining Material Handling. Since 1962.


•  All actual hoisting/lowering & cross travel speed is within + 10% of specified speed
•  Hoist with inverter speed are also available in above range.
•  Due to continuous development and improvement specifications listed above can change without notice.