Vertical Straight lift Colour Width Choker Basket Basket 45 Basket 90
1 Ton Violet 25 mm 2 ply 800 kg 2000 kg 1800 kg 1400 kg
2 Ton Green 50 mm 2 ply 1600 kg 4000 kg 3600 kg 2800 kg
3 Ton Yellow 75 mm 2 ply 2400 kg 6000 kg 5400 kg 4200 kg
4 Ton Grey 100 mm 2 ply 3200 kg 8000 kg 7200 kg 5600 kg
5 Ton Red 125 mm 2 ply 4000 kg 10000 kg 9000 kg 7000 kg
6 Ton Brown 150 mm 2 ply 4K00 kg 12000 kg 10800 kg 8400 kg
8 Ton Blue 200 mm 2 ply 6400 kg 16000 kg 14400 kg 11200 kg
10 Ton Orange 250 mm 2 ply 5000 kg 20000 kg 18000 kg 14000 kg
12 Ton Orange 300 mm 2 ply 9600 kg 24000 kg 21600 kg 16800 kg
15 Ton Orange 250 mm 3 ply 12000 kg 30000 kg 27000 kg 2I00U kg
16 Ton Blue 200 mm 4 ply 12800 kg 32000 kg 28800 kg 22400 kg
20 Ton Orange 250 mm 4 ply 16000 kg 40000 kg 36000 kg 28000 kg
24 Ton Orange 300 mm 4 ply 19200 kg 48000 kg 43200 kg 33600 kg

Polyester webbing slings are manufactured as per AS ME B30.9, IS-15041 & EN 1492-1 Standards with rated capacity upto30Tons. How to order polyester webbing slings: Width X Capacity X Effective length in Mtrs.
For example - 50 MM x2Tx 3 Mtr Means 50 MM Width, 2T Cap, 3 Mtr long.
He also provide various types of'anti Abrassive and cut resistant sleeves which improves the IiIV of polyester webbing slings by many times. Please re lie r our sleeves / protectors catalogue for the same.

Synthetic Sling Inspection

All of our synthetic slings products are designed for long life under punishing conditions, but they will eventually wear out after extended use. The key is to knowing when to replace them, and that's why it's very important to inspect your slings on a regular basis.

Type of inspection:

  1. Initial Inspection : Before any new or repaired sling is placed in services, it shall be inspected by a designated person to ensure that the correct sling is being used as well as determine that the sling meets applicable specifications and has not been damaged in shipment.
  2. Frequent Inspection: This inspection shall be made by the user handling the slings each time it is used.
  3. Periodic Inspection : The frequency of inspection depends on three important factors:
    • Sling usage - the more you use a sling, the more you need to inspect it.
    • The working environment - the harsher the conditions, the more often you need to inspect.
    • Sling service life - based on your experience in using slings.


Our multi-leg slings are manufactured with either Hal webbing slings or with round slings in combination with high quality steel components like master link assemblies, bow shackles and different variety of eye hooks. They are manufactured according to EN 1492-1 OR ASMF.R30.9il the textile pan is a webbing sling or according to FN 1492-2 if the textile part is a round sling. The textile part of the multi-leg sling has a safety factor of 7:1 OR 5:1 and the metal part has a safety factor of 4; I.


Multi-leg slings can be manufactured in different assemblies having two legged, three legged or four legged slings. They can have different combination of hooks like, eye hook, self locking hook, hook with latches, etc. at the lower end of the slings. They can have different combination of hooks like, eye hook, self locking hook, hook with latches, etc. at the lower end of the sling to suit different lifting applications. Textile Multi-leg slings are easy to use and provide many advantages over other multi-leg slings ;


  • Easier lo handle as compared lo wire rope or chain.
  • The total weight of the assembly is less
  • Master link creates sufficient space on the crane hook.
  • Round slings can be rotated lo have different bearing points thus resulting in uniform wear.
  • Proper and even distribution of load

Customised multilcg slings can also he manufactured upon request.



We manufacture Bag Slings in any length as per customers requirement. These are special type of slings used for lifting products requiring wider support / holding while lifting. These slings provide wide contact to surface area of the product for minimum slippage and even distribution of load on to sling while lifting.


Customised bag slings can also be manufactured upon request.

Inspection Records

Written inspection records, utilizing the identification for each polyester round sling as established by the user, should be kept on tile. These records should show a description of the new polyester round sling and its condition on each periodic inspection.


Repair of Round Slings

There shall be no repairs of load bearing fibers. Repairs to the protective covers shall be done only by the original manufacturer or their appointed agent. Only polyester round slings, which can be identified from the information on the identification tag, shall be repaired.

All repaired polyester round slings shall be proof tested to a minimum of two (2) times the rated capacity before being put back into ser\ ice. Certification of proof test should be provided.

Removal Criteria For Round Slings

  • Acid or caustic bums.
  • Missing or illegible tag
  • Evidence of heat damage. Melting or charring of any part of the sling.
  • Holes, tears, cuts, snag or embedded articles.
  • Broken or worn stitching in cover exposing core yarn.
  • Excessive abrasive wear, broken or damaged core yarns.
  • Knots in any part of the sling.
  • Distortion, brittle or stiff area on any part of the sling which may indicate chemical, heal or ultraviolet / sunlight damages.
  • Excessive pitting or corrosion, or cracked, distorted or broken fittings.
  • Other visible damage that causes doubt as to the strength of the sling.

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